35 Years of Patience and Persistence

On July 24th, 2024, the CRE Summit will put on a one-hour webinar hosted by Founder of the Summit, Jerry Slusky and Senior VP of Colliers Nebraska, Chris Mensinger. Chris and Jerry will have a stimulating conversation on topics that will help our industry professionals succeed. Topics include updates to condominium law, real estate commissions, and an overview of the uses of AI in commercial real estate.

  • Condominium Law: For professionals in commercial real estate, keeping up with new condominium laws is not just about compliance; it’s about leveraging knowledge to enhance their service offerings, build stronger client relationships, and position themselves as market leaders. This proactive approach can lead to better business outcomes and a more robust professional reputation.
  • Real Estate Commissions: By thoroughly understanding commission clauses, professionals can enhance their practice, ensure their clients are fairly compensated, and build stronger, more transparent relationships. This knowledge not only protects their interests but also positions them as trustworthy and competent professionals in the competitive real estate market.
  • The Uses of AI in Commercial Real Estate: By leveraging AI in commercial real estate, professionals can enhance their efficiency, provide superior client service, and make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to greater success and competitiveness in the market.

The virtual meet up will take place using Zoom on Wednesday, July 24th at 11:30am CST at no charge to those who wish to join. Continuing education credits will be offered to those who tune into the live discussion.